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The Common Thread // Sarah

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The Common Thread. A Sakura Bloom photo documentary celebrating the commonalities that we share through the capture of what makes us unique.

We are excited today to introduce @sarahholstrom, Sarah Holstrom!

Name: Sarah

Kids + Ages: Phinneus (4.5), Tallulah (3.5), and River (4 months)

Where you live: Costa Mesa, CA

What is unique about the wall you're standing in front of: its simple beauty captivates me every time!

I spend 100% of my time lovin’ on my husband and sweet babes!

The strangest thing I ever discovered in the bottom of my purse was: hmmm... I don't know how strange it is, but I'm always finding food!

When I'm celebrating, you'll find me eating: tacos and drinking: Diet Coke!

If I could have any superpower, it would be: a mute button! Sometimes mama just needs some quiet!

If I could spend a month making the world a better place, I'd: gosh that's tough! But the world needs a whole lot more love and a smile and hug sure goes a long way! Knowing acceptance and love changes things!

The most inspiring Instagram feed to follow is: @emilywrecker // her love and authenticity inspire me daily!

My top tip for a new parent: just enjoy it!!! Lay in bed. Stay in your pjs. Soak up that newborn smell. Don't be in a rush to move on from those sacred moments! They go so quickly so quiet your mind and to do list and just soak!

My favorite book recommendation: loving our kids on purpose by Danny Silk

If I could only have one Sakura Bloom on a desert island, I'd have: I adore my Black Currant sling from the Chambray Collection because its the perfect neutral and hides stains so well! I think it could handle the wear and tear of island life! Hahaha

If you get me talking about: natural childbirth you might as well cancel the rest of your day.

The top item on my bucket list is: travel travel travel! Just take me away! I want to go everywhere!

If I could go anywhere in the world for a week, I'd choose: I'm pretty simple! Give me warm weather, turquoise water, and someone bringing drinks with cute little umbrellas in them and I'm solid!

Thank you so much for joining us for The Common Thread!


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