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The Common Thread // Priscilla

June 20, 2016

The Common Thread. A Sakura Bloom photo documentary celebrating the commonalities that we share through the capture of what makes us unique. 

We are excited today to introduce @kauailife, Priscilla Soule!

Name: Priscilla Soule

Kids + Ages: Kahlo (3.5), Tamayo (21 months)

Where you live: Kaua'i, Hawaii

What is unique about the wall you're standing in front of: Living on an island we don't need much, but when we do, @alohaexchange saves the day with their quality goods and aloha!

I spend 50% of my time: playing in paradise and 50% of my time: slinging handcrafted fresh fruit shave ice out of a vintage trailer @thefreshshave.

The strangest thing I ever discovered in the bottom of my clutch was: an itty bitty moldy baby coconut.

When I'm celebrating, you'll find me eating: everything in sight and drinking: champagne.

If I could have any superpower, it would be: the ability to make anyone fall asleep on command. ;)

Making pancakes on the weekend, I'm listening to: Manu Chao.

My top tip for a new parent: Big or small, adventure every day.

If I could only have one Sakura Bloom on a desert island, I'd have my own: Shibori!

If you get me talking about: shave ice, Mexican artists, or Montessori philosophy you might as well cancel the rest of your day.

The top item on my bucket list is: A family trip around the world... for at least five years!

Priscilla, we loved getting a peek into your Kaua'i-Life ;) today on The Common Thread!Save


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