Yarn-dyed vs. Hand-dyed Theory

Did you know that we have two types of bamboo textiles in our Theory collections? It's true! Yarn-dyed + hand-dyed are two different processes with slightly different aesthetics, yet have the same soft and cozy drape we can't stop touching. Here's a simple breakdown of our two go-to dye styles:

Our yarn-dyed Theory is woven of yarns that were dyed before the weaving process began. Spools of natural fibers are prepared and pigmented before being woven. This allows some creativity before the weaving even happens. Some yarn-dyed textiles, like our new pre-washed and shrunk Theory, are formed using two different colors of yarn. These complementary hues are then woven in a herringbone pattern. The resulting textile has a depth to it with a speckled, feathered, or multi-tonal effect. 

Below images: Tern in a sling is woven with grey and white yarns. Then, an up close of our hand-dyed Sierra is below.

Our hand-dyed Theory is woven with natural yarns all of the same color, and then we give it an all over, solid wash of rich color in LA. Hand dyeing allows us to get that sumptuous, deep pigmented, rich hue that we love so much. Testing sample after sample we perfect each shade for the season - creating colorways unique unto to Sakura Bloom. Once we have dyed the textile we take the time to pre-wash and pre-shrink all of our Theory, creating a buttery softness with a drape like no other. 

In a nutshell, no matter which colorway you select you can expect the same incomparable softness and support that you only find from Theory. Pre-washed and tumbled-dry Theory to cashmere-like perfection, Theory is your coziest carrier yet.