Welcome, Maven + Covet Collections!

Join us as we welcome two new collections to the Sakura Bloom silk family - Maven + Covet (View the lookbook here!).

As we all know, textiles are not all created equal and when you are wearing your baby wrapped to your body, the textile that you choose makes a huge difference in terms of comfort and support for both you and your baby. The fiber itself, how it is spun, how the yarn is woven - these things matter. Our first love for babywearing is silk. In fact it is the one textile that has remained a constant in our lineup since the day that we launched Sakura Bloom back in 2006.


Grippy and strong, supportive and breathable, absorbent and lightweight. Full of character and dimension. The natural nubs and slubs of the threads tell the story of this textile's origins in the mulberry trees of India. Silk fibers are short which is what helps to make the silk so supportive and comfortable. Allowing for the carrier to have the tiniest amount of give without stretch, so that it molds perfectly to you and your baby every time.

Silk is our favorite recommendation for toddlers, for summer, and for anyone looking for that one sling to take them from the newborn days through the toddler years. It is incredibly lightweight, supportive and breathable. Silk's rock solid support, ability to dry quickly and low profile packability make it the perfect sling for any adventure. 

Bringing with them these benefits and more, our Maven + Covet Collections will be making their debut this coming Monday, 10am Pacific Time. Learn more below.



Lustrous, yet matte silk fibers, tightly spun into the finest matka silk yarn and densely woven into your new favorite textile. Wearable in any season and for any occasion, our Maven Collection has us simply swooning. Soft and sleek, refined yet full of charm. Unmatched support, comfort, and beauty in a single layer silk sling. 

Cozy, check. Insanely supportive, check. Lightweight, check. Newborn ready, check. Toddler worthy, check. We could go on and on...

6 colorways. 2 carrier styles. 100% Matka Silk. Ring slings. Silk + Leather onbuhimos. Handloomed in India, and hand-crafted to perfection right here in our coastal San Diego workshop.



"Tussah. It's been a while, but well worth the wait. Back in 2007 I met a woman who introduced me to the world of Tussah silk and I fell in love. I quickly created a new collection from this amazing silk, The Luxe Collection 2007-2011. When the specific yarn we used was no longer available to us we tried a different Tussah textile. It wasn't love, so we discontinued the line. Since that day I have been searching for the fiber that would reignite my love for tussah. This is it." Lynne

Beautiful wild silk fibers spun with the utmost of character. The natural variation in this hand dyed yarn brings a unique hand feel and texture like no other - smooth, yet full of perfectly spun nubs and slubs. Woven with a visual emphasis on the weft, our yarn dyed tussah showcases a visual stratus effect that has an amazing drape. Simply a sumptuous textile begging to be wrapped around you.

Crafted from two layers of our incomparable tussah, our Covet Collection is unparalleled in support for even the heaviest of toddlers, yet comfy and floppy enough for those fleeting newborn days.

6 colorways. Double layer ring slings. 100% tussah silk. Handloomed in India, and hand-crafted to perfection right here in our coastal San Diego workshop.