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Unscripted: The Birth of Sienna Moon

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Powerful. Raw. Euphoric. Sakura Bloom: Unscripted {Birth Stories}

We are so excited to share the birth story of former Sling Diarist Sarah Carlock. Today, Sarah is one of the women behind the wellness outlet Honey Sage Co. The birth of her second daughter, Sienna Moon, was shot by Brandi Johnson of Kindred Photographer - who she recalls meeting at a birth conference when Sarah was pregnant with her first:

"[Brandi] was wearing her then-tiny baby in [a Sakura Bloom] Driftwood sling. I had never seen a sling before, and approached her for information. We’ve been close friends and sling-sisters ever since."

Click through to witness the beautiful story of life as told by both perspectives of mother and photographer, Sakura Bloom; Unscripted.


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