Top 4 REAL Benefits of Babywearing

Type “babywearing benefits” into the search field and you’re bound to find a variety of blog posts and articles. Strong opinions, delicately worded. The rationale behind one carrier or another.

Again and again, you’ll see those physical and emotional benefits touted: baby will cry less, there are positive benefits for breastfeeding and bonding, it’ll support the appropriate development of baby’s natural positioning, it’ll help stimulate and regulate your little one’s systems.

In the meantime, you’re blurry eyed and can barely think straight and don’t even remember whether this is the same blog post you read last week. Mama, we hear that! So we’re gonna break it down for you.

Here are the top 4 under-shared reasons, all “sciency benefits” aside, that we think YOU should wear your babe:

  1. Look ma, no hands! Seriously, there is no getting around this one. You can cut your own food and eat it, too. You can wipe yourself. YOUR BABY WILL SLEEP THROUGH IT ALL.

  2. You will always know where your baby is. Don’t laugh. Being a new parent means anxiety, lack of sleep, and a human being that depends on you. It’s handy to have that sweet little person right there. In kissing range.

  3. No lugging around your carseat. Because those things are heavy. And awkward. And newborns are not. A sling lets you leave the carseat where it belongs, in the car! Plus, see #1. Win-win.
  4. You can feel beautiful being you. Throughout your pregnancy, people are constantly complimenting you on your healthy glow, your beautiful belly, and suddenly postpartum hits. Your hair starts falling out, your body is hanging on to some extra something (turns out , it wasn’t ALL baby…), and you’re leaking. Enter magical sling. Suddenly they aren’t just pics of your little one – YOU are in the selfies... and they (and you) are just perfect and gorgeous, exactly how they really are.

Those other positive benefits? Yeah, they exist too. We’ll pop back in to tell you more about them. Once you are feeling a bit more rested. ;)