All About Our Toddler Scout

Introducing Our Toddler Scout

Extend your babywearing days with Sakura Bloom in our new Toddler Scout. A larger version of our standard Scout carrier, you and your growing toddler will enjoy the extra room and support a larger panel and longer shoulder straps will provide on your adventures. All made from the same fine, natural fibers and textiles you know and love!

Do I need a Toddler Scout?

Are you feeling like you've outgrown your standard Scout (or any other SSC carrier)? Is your baby over 25lb and you know that you want to keep that babywearing bond going for as long as possible? Then, our Toddler Scout might just be for you!

Ideal for kiddos between 25-60 lbs, our Toddler Scout's large, cinch-able panel allows you to get a supportive knee to knee fit on your growing toddler while our hammock seat scoops them up providing plenty of ergonomic M seat support for those important on-the-go toddler naps. 

*Charlie, pictured here wears a size 3T pant. 

Still not sure? Here are a couple of common scenarios in a Q+A format, plus some carrier comparisons showing difference sized little ones in each of our Scout carriers below.

My baby is 10 months and 28lbs. Our current carrier isn’t supportive enough and I just want to buy one more!
Our original Scout has a weight limit of 45 lbs, and baby’s growth rate will plateau as they begin moving. A regular Scout will be the most comfortable choice for you and baby now, and offers plenty of growing room!

My 20 month old is active but loves snuggles. I still wear him for naps sometimes, and I’m pregnant.
A toddler Scout will give you both all the much needed support at this time-the wider base will support longer legs, and higher panel will keep a sleep heavy head closer to your center of gravity. The waistband can be worn under or over your bump (check out this post for more info!) while growing baby too! For your newborn, you can add a regular Scout to your collection and have the comfiest, most stylish tandem carry!

I have a petite 16 month old. She’s 20lbs and been walking for months already.
Try the regular Scout first. As she gets older and more independent, growth will slow further. There is a 20lb overlap between the weight limits for the regular Scout and Toddler Scout-most kiddos will be done being worn well before reaching the lower limit even!