A Peek Into A Sakura Bloom Playdate

Peek in on Cincinnati's Sakura Bloom Playdate!


We’ve seen a lot of chatter in our community lately about playdates and meetups happening all around the country. We love that our community members are so passionate about babywearing that they want to get together in real life...and we wanted to learn more! Here’s a peek at what’s going on with our community in Cincinnati.

Every couple months, caregivers of all kinds have been getting together informally to build a local community around babywearing and caregiving. Moms, dads, nannies, and children of all ages meetup at a local park or public playspace to meet new friends and, of course, learn more about Sakura Bloom carriers.

Many people attending the playdates have never used a Sakura Bloom carrier, and take this opportunity to give them a try. The community comes together to share their Rings Slings, Onbuhimos, and Scouts to help people decide which textile and carrier style is just right for them. More experienced babywearers in the group lend a hand in helping everyone feel comfortable in all styles of carriers, so everyone walks away with their perfect fit!

Nothing warms our heart more than seeing our carriers bring families together in real life, all around the globe. We can’t wait to use what we’ve learned from the community in Cincinnati to start spreading the love all over the country.

Get all the details on our May Sakura Bloom Playdates and RSVP here!

A big thank you to to Four Fold Images for these beautiful images!