Sakura Bloom City Guides: LONDON, England

 "Sakura Bloom City Guides: Insights, tips, and tricks for exploring the world with your little ones, one city at time."

We travel a lot with our families at Sakura Bloom, and we find that a little simple prep work and sharing little hacks with our friends can make all the difference. So we thought, lets start sharing...
Georgie, her husband Tom and their little darling girl, India Rose live in Southhampton, UK where she creates content circling around fashion, motherhood and travel. You can find her on her Instagram account @dear.indiarose or website.
Since we met, we've loved how Georgie was always outside adventuring with her little one, whether it was in the fields around their home, or in the bustling streets of London, just a couple hours north. Known to be one of the iconic, most expensive, and busiest cities on earth, we were curious - what would it be like to travel with your kids there? Well, you're about to find out, because it's next on our list!

Hello, my name is Georgie and I'm a Sakura Bloom addict. My husband Tom and I like to travel a lot and use every last second of our weekends together exploring off the beaten track. With all the gate hopping and pebbled roads we would have completely lost those adventurous opportunities without our Onbuhimo! 

Even when you come to a city like London there is no way we would be able to do half the things if we brought a stroller. It makes our life so much easier and our little India Rose gets to explore too - From the best seat in the house, I might add.
London can seem overwhelming, where would you recommend the best spots for a little one in tow?

Whenever we go to London I struggle choosing spots, as it bursts at the seams with things to do for both children and adults as well. But we always find something fun - and the best part? Most of it is free!
We really wanted to visit the London Aquarium. It's on the South Bank of the Thames River, which is the perfect place to take in the tourist sights. You'll be able to see Big Ben, the London Houses of Parliament, and incredible street performances. Make sure to grab the street food - you will dream about it for weeks after!
If you find the city too busy for your little babes, Kew Gardens is the one for you! You won't believe that you are in London as you lazily walk around the idyllic scenery. Their greenhouses take you around the world, perfect for any plant lover or child that needs to have plenty of room to run around. You could easily spend all day here - pack a picnic because although their food is delicious, it is expensive!
The Zoological Society of London, (aka the ZSL London Zoo) is another gem with an array of activities and exhibits for you and your family to enjoy. From the tiger territory, butterfly paradise, and the lions, to Europe's only spider walk-through (Tom stood outside for that one), in with the Lemurs, gorilla kingdom and penguin beach. It’s a fun and interactive way to make the most out of your visit. Plus children under 3 are free!
Extra Tip: No matter the age of your child you will always find something. If you've never been I definitely suggest going to the Natural History Museum it is full to the brim with fun learning activities for kids!

London is such a large city, what's the best way to get around town?

The London Underground is the city's subway system. Also known as The Tube, it's a must especially with little ones that love 'choo - '. You can get around so quickly and the city is completely covered. I would try to avoid peak hours though as they can get pretty crammed. Also, be ready for stairs! (This is where your carrier comes in handy ;) ) 
Of course, there are the iconic red double-decker buses with open rooftops. These are super fun if you wanted to avoid the Underground! You can pay as you go per trip, or get an Oyster Card to hop between London's transport systems.

Best way to travel? On sunny days you can simply walk to most places with just 15-20 minutes in between.

Where are the best places to grab a bite with your family?

Borough Market is London's oldest food market and a must to stop off at for some food. Super yummy and fresh ingredients for you to cook with. However, if you fancy something more Camden Market has you covered! Where Borough is mainly food, Camden has it all: Waffles dipped in chocolate, candyfloss, marshmallows and strawberries all precariously balanced on a stick. Pancakes covered in peanut butter and bananas or maybe you just plain old simple chips. You will find your naughty treats there. Camden also hosts events, musical perfomances, and unique shops.
Tip: You can take a 10-minute walk from Camden market along the river to the ZSL zoo where you can see anything from swans to eclectic junk filled narrow boats. 
You must visit the Rainforest Cafe, it has a global menu of kid-friendly food. Its only 2 minutes from Piccadilly Circus, decorated throughout with jungle foliage and animatronics, there is even a thunder and lightning storm, waterfalls, animatronics to entertain everyone.
Ok, we're convinced! Now where should we stay while we're there?

I always recommend Premier Inn to stay, it's cheap and cheerful. You'll get the basics and will be super clean. Perfect if you're not planning to stay in your room very long.
If you're looking to stay for a longer period in London, I would definitely use Airbnb since it's nice to have a kitchen and space to run about in! There are plenty of cute family homes to choose from.

Lastly, if you don't want to be in the centre of it all: The Nook in Essex is a very cute, very Pinterest worthy hut in the countryside. I think that's why I love the United Kingdom so much. One minute you can be crammed in one of the busiest cities in the world, the next you minute you can be in the middle of a field and not see anyone for hours. Anyway, we always prefer to travel in so we get more room and outdoor space for our money!
Georgie and India Rose traipsed around the UK in our Eyelet and Blush onbuhimo

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