Talking Balance with Taylor + Emily

September 18, 2017

We have special high fives in our hands for the working moms who grind everyday and come home to a whole fresh set of responsibilities. After all, almost all of us are working moms at Sakura Bloom, and we can identify with the never ending balancing acts... and secretly wish we could clone ourselves.

This week, we loved talking about work and families with two stellar mom bosses: Taylor Sterling of Glitter Guide and Emily Scott of The Refined Woman. Social media has a way of making it all look easy, but we know deep down it takes work, focus and passion. We were interested in what life is actually like for these determined mamas. Taylor and Emily sit down to talk with us about finding your people, running a business, and how motherhood has changed them. 

You both are incredibly busy working moms wrangling multiple littles. What is the biggest challenge you face as a mom and a business owner?

Emily - I struggle at times to make progress on the important, long terms goals I have, or truly any business goal that isn't an urgent one. My day to day to-do list as a mom and business owner combined sometimes gets out of control and it's hard for me to prioritize and manage the time I have.

Taylor - That’s a tough one. There are quite a few challenges. Since I work from home I tend to work a lot or check in with work often. Especially being the boss —I don’t want anyone on my team to feel like I’m too unavailable. However, I really don’t like having distractions when I am spending time with my family. I’m making a point to turn off work more.

You guys seem like you’re great friends and are often adventuring in the city together. How has friendship changed for you since becoming a mother?

Taylor - I’m so grateful for my friendship with Em. We became friends right before we both had our girls, and they are only three months apart. We got to experience a lot of the same things at the same time. Now our sons are only 6 months apart. We also work in the same industry and get to work together a lot. I think what makes the friendship so special is that we can relate to each other on a very deep level, and we’re there for each other through the ups and downs of motherhood.

Emily - It really seemed like fate that Taylor and I found each other when we did. We were at a point in both our lives with becoming mothers as well as navigating a very specific set of challenges with our respective careers that it just made it easy to relate to each other immediately. Neither of us take ourselves too seriously so I think it makes our adventures together more fun, even when we're both struggling and sweating trying to be out with our kids, we are able to laugh and appreciate the struggle.


What is something you’ve learned from your mother that you hope to pass on to your children?

Emily - My mom passed away when I was very young but she left me some beautiful film photos of me as a baby and I really treasure them. I feel that in many ways I can feel the way she adored me through those images and I think that's a big part of why I ended up becoming a photographer. I make it a goal now to get out my film camera every so often to photograph my own children so they can have those images someday and see how I saw them. 

Taylor - My mom is such a hard worker. She’s really instilled a great work ethic in me. She’s also always reinventing herself. I find that so inspiring. I hope my children learn that if you work hard anything is possible.


What is your best piece of advice for new moms looking to balance motherhood and owning a business?

Taylor - Be gentle with yourself. Especially as a new mom. You’re going to have a lot of adjustments to make and your life is going to feel upside down for a bit. Take things slow (if you can) and cherish that time you have to heal and bond with you baby. If you find you have some moments where you can work and that feels good then allow it. Just don’t let work make you feel rushed and stressed. You will have enough of that already!

Emily - Everything Taylor said! I learned the hard way that some of the things I committed to after my first baby were just way too soon, and that did not help as I spent some time battling postpartum anxiety. The best way I've found now to balance the demands of motherhood and owning a business is to say No and to say No often. It's better to take on less work and do it really well than to overcommit and burn out.


How has babywearing affected your journey as a mother and a business owner?

Taylor - I feel like I totally missed the boat with baby wearing with my first. This time around it was essential. I need free hands to play with my daughter. It’s also allowed me to feel more like myself because I can do a lot of the things I love comfortably. When my son was really little I would wear him and he would fall asleep while I rocked back and forth while answering emails on my phone. I can wear him at events or while juggling things at a shoot.

Emily - I think there's something mood altering about having your baby on your chest when you're out in the world. It makes me feel more in tune with my body and my baby. One thing I don't like is hauling too many things around when I'm out, and the simplicity of wearing my baby has really helped me get out and do more without feeling like I need to pack and lug a million things with me when I'm leaving the house.


You both have an incredible sense of style and an eye for the creative. How has becoming a mother changed your style?

Taylor - One thing I’ve noticed is being a mother has brought by style back to my roots. In my mid-twenties I had a phase of dressing very feminine in glitzy dresses and heels, and while I still love getting dressed up, my true style is way more relaxed and comfortable. In middle school I only wore men’s trousers from thrift stores and high-top vans. In high school and college I opted for a lot of overalls, jeans and t-shirts. Now that I’m a very active mom, it’s brought me back to my old comfy style but hopefully in a more stylish way!

Emily - Being a mom has definitely changed my style. After pregnancy and nursing I am more aware of how my body feels in clothes now so I think it's helped me hone in on what styles are really “me” - and comfort is key. I make an exception for high waisted Levi's though because they are like girdles that hold everything in and make my bum look better than it really is these days.


If you could tell that new mom out there who is overwhelmed and struggling just one thing, what would it be?

Emily - You're not alone. We’re all struggling through this too.

Taylor - This too shall pass.


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