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Restock! Thursday December 5

December 04, 2019

Seek. Theory. Basics

R E S T O C K, Thursday 10am pacific time!

A fun restock full of fresh off the loom Seek, cozy Theory, Basics and more! ūüíÉ


Here's the rundown of what we've got...

Goa - All Carrier Styles
Tapri  - All Carrier Styles
Eve  - All Carrier Styles
Orion  - All Carrier Styles

Black Currant - Scout + Leather

Birch - Ring Sling, Scout
Dove - Scout
Vintage - Scout
Obsidian - Scout
Gingersnap - Ring Sling

Flax - Onbuhimo, Onbuhimo + Leather, Scout
Onyx - Scout, Scout + Leather
Clay - Onbuhimo, Onbuhimo + Leather, Scout, Scout + Leather
Whiskey - Scout, Scout + Leather
Sepia - Onbuhimo, Scout, Scout + Leather
Wilder - Onbuhimo, Onbuhimo + Leather
Oceanside - Onbuhimo, Onbuhimo + Leather, Scout
Sedona - Onbuhimo, Scout, Scout + Leather

Oak - Onbuhimo + Leather
Harbor - Scout + Leather
Woodland - Scout + Leather
A reminder that we craft everything here in our San Diego workshop in small batches, we don‚Äôt mass produce anything. Be sure to check the estimated ship¬†date as most things are preorder, meaning they are in production and ship when they come off the floor!¬†‚̧ԳŹ