Restock! Friday August 16

August 15, 2019

Summer days...

R E S T O C K, Friday 10am PDT!

Robyn is finally done counting all of the yardage under the cutting table so here we go...

Remember some of these only have one or two in stock, there may be a few that have a few more but lots are only one so if you know what you want, grab it! 💃 All dropping in the shop Friday morning at 10am pacific time!


Here's the rundown of what we've got...

Flax - sling, onbuhimo, scout
Onyx -  onbuhimo + black leather, scout + black leather
River - sling, onbuhimo, scout
Forest - sling, onbuhimo, scout
Rye - onbuhimo, scout
Sparrow - sling, onbuhimo, scout

Black Currant - onbuhimo
Sandalwood - sling, onbuhimo, scout
Caramel - scout

Butternut - custom ring sling

Amethyst - custom ring sling
Catalina - custom ring sling
Copper - custom ring sling, scout  

A reminder that we craft everything here in our San Diego workshop in small batches, we don’t mass produce anything. Be sure to check the estimated ship date as most things are preorder, meaning they are in production and ship when they come off the floor! ❤️