Our Top 5 Tips for Surviving the Holiday Weekend

It is hard enough having a newborn without having expectations and celebrations thrown in the mix. The holiday is almost here and we remember all too well what it's like trying to balance the busy celebrations with our little peanuts, so we’ve compiled our top tips for surviving the holiday weekend with your newbie!

1. Dress (both of you) appropriately. Did you know that keeping your baby skin to skin against mama’s torso can actually help a newborn to regulate his or her temp?! So cool, right? Dress your babe lightly under the sling (a onesie or even just a diaper will do in especially toasty weather) and of course grab a hat for both of you and keep baby’s legs covered from the sun for a newbie who is not yet ready for sunscreen!

2. Plan to stay hydrated. The heat is often brutal during a summer holiday weekend! Plan ahead by ID’ing the best way for you to stay hydrated. Whether your trick is to pack a stainless steel or cork bottle, to pop flavored ice cubes or fruit into your water, or to mix it up with sparkling water, try to keep the fluids flowing, especially if you’re breastfeeding!

3. Pack healthy snacks. Whether you’re nursing a brand new baby or one with food sensitivities, it’s important to keep enough snacks on hand to keep your energy up. Try reaching for snacks that have protein to keep you satiated. String cheese and almonds are favorites around here, and cut veggies are always a fresh, cool addition in the summer.

4. Know before you go. Will your celebration be indoors? Out? Who will be in attendance? Plan appropriately by making sure that you will have shade and appropriate sun protection, a plan for nap and nursing times, the correct clothing, and of course, an idea of how any fireworks or music might be going down. Pro tip: tiny noise-canceling headphones are a thing and totally come in handy on the regular, surprisingly enough, from newborn through toddlerhood! Check out these cuties that Boomer Phelps sported while sleeping soundly in #sakurabloombirch at the Olympic Trials with mama Nicole (you can grab your own here):

5. Trust in yourself. Know your comfort levels! It’s totally okay to say no if someone wants to hold your babe and you’re not comfortable with it for some reason. Whether that reason is a recent illness, their level of intoxication, or simply the fact that they have sunscreen on their hands and arms, don’t be afraid to kindly decline handing your little one off. Btw, a sling can be a handy tool for discouraging hopeful helpers.

Well those are our top tips for the holiday weekend! Let us know in the comments if you have anything else you’d like to add!