Oat Summer 2019



OAT. Raw silk.
Incredibly lightweight, strong, and breathable - soft and sleek, refined yet full of charm. Get ready for unmatched comfort and support from these lustrous, yet matte silk fibers, tightly spun into the finest matka silk yarn and woven into your new favorite textile.



1. View our Venice, Oat Lookbook below, and then be sure to enter to win a $250 Sakura Bloom gift card at the bottom (you might need to zoom out and scroll over to the right to see the form. Google is so fun. Ha!)

2. Oat drops in the shop Thursday at 10am pdt. Shop Oat.

3. As always we've got some extra fun going down for our Venice Oat drop over in our community group, Unthreaded. If you haven't joined yet, come on over! Join Unthreaded here.