Introducing the Loft Collection

Transitioning fall right into winter...

Introducing The Loft Collection, a new silk for the season.

Lustrous, yet matte silk tightly spun into the finest matka silk threads, gathered four at a time, and twisted into a sleek yarn that we’ve woven into the most beautiful textile for keeping you both snug this season. Loft breaks in beautifully - soft, sleek and incredibly supportive, this collection is perfect for heavier babies and toddlers.
For those that are familiar with our textiles: Loft is the big sister to our Maven Collection, which is woven of a lighter weight yarn (just two threads twisted together) for the warmer seasons.⁠ ⁠
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Hand-loomed in India, and hand-crafted to perfection right here in our coastal San Diego workshop.
Why Silk is our favorite textile for a baby carrier (and will be yours too!)

As we all know, textiles are not all created equal and when you are wearing your baby wrapped to your body, the textile that you choose makes a huge difference in terms of comfort and support for both you and your baby. The fiber itself, how it is spun, how the yarn is woven - these things matter. Our first love for babywearing is silk. In fact it is the one textile that has remained a constant in our lineup since the day that we launched Sakura Bloom back in 2006. 

Silk is our favorite recommendation for toddlers, for summer, and for anyone looking for that one sling to take them from the newborn days through the toddler years. It is incredibly lightweight, supportive and breathable. Silk's rock solid support, ability to dry quickly and low profile packability make it the perfect textile for any adventure. 

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