Introducing The Desert Collection by Jean Degenfelder

How do you capture the subtle specks of color in a desert sunset or the dotted rocky landscapes that stretch for miles ahead?

Just south of the Elfin Forest in San Diego, master weaver, fiber artist and teacher, Jean Degenfelder, is creating magic from her cozy mountain yurt overlooking Lake Hodges. For over 30 years, Degenfelder has been curating colors and patterns, weaving thread into gorgeous textiles and wearable art.

The American Art Festivals, Sacramento, San Diego, and Santa Monica; Contemporary Craft Market, Santa Monica and San Francisco; Festival of Arts, Tempe, Arizona; and Great Arts and Crafts Festival, Las Vegas, are just a few of the venues Jean has shown her work.

About a year ago, Eric and I started taking weaving classes with Jean, where we deepened our hands-on knowledge, appreciation and fascination for the art of weaving. We knew immediately that having Jean weave her imagination and creativity into a small, limited edition Sakura Bloom collection would be a dream. We met over the summer and fall at Jean's yurt and talked about weaving and our plans to travel to India with the kids - where to go, who to meet, what to do. We brainstormed ideas on colors, fibers, weaving structures... and slowly The Desert Collection started to take shape.

The Desert Collection. 12 slings. 4 color ways. Each individually hand-loomed to perfection by Jean and stitched into slings here at our coastal workshop.  

Soft grays dotted with cream and black; rich blues with white, pink, gold and turquoise - a modern take on this timeless weaving structure. Beautiful, soft, and perfect for all climates - each Desert Collection sling is hand woven of the softest bamboo kissed with just a touch of cotton and then paired with our matte gold rings, which have been lovingly crafted for us in small batches by the same incredible family in Arizona for the past 11 years. :)

Enjoy the video we've created below - we’ve got lots of fun planned as we lead up to the launch so make sure you are following along in our community hub, SAKURA BLOOM, Unthreaded! See you there...

The Desert Collection drops Wednesday, March 29 at 10am PST.

xo Lynne