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Holiday Sample Sale - Get Ready!

November 03, 2019

Sakura Bloom Holiday Sample Sale 2019!

A Holiday Sample Sale?! That's right. With so many new and exciting things here, we're moving into major workshop reorganization mode and first things first, make some room! So, here we go...

You might have heard about our Sample Sales but never quite understood - when, where, how?

Well, you're in the right place. Our schedule of events and FAQ below will have you in the loop and ready to go. Get ready, everything you have heard is true. Sample Sale week is hands down the most fun (and craziest!) week of the year. 


TUESDAY, November 5

We're bringing you our wildly popular LIVE game show - Sakura Bloom's "The Sling is Right" on Instagram this Tuesday at 10am PDT. We're playing 10 rounds so make sure you're on time and ready to play!

If you haven't played yet, think The Price is Right meets Deal or No Deal but Sakura Bloom style. Lots of prizes and SO much fun! PS - you might want to brush up on your Ring Sling color names. wink wink!

WEDNESDAY, November 6

The Sample Sale is online only. 

Read our Sample Sale FAQs below!

What is the Sample Sale?

This is when we sell our store demos, show samples, or an old colorway that may be hiding on a shelf in a back room somewhere.

It is not a discount code. It is a random collection of carriers that will appear in our Sample Sale Holiday 2019 collection at a discounted price. Demand is high, and it always gets crazy!

How can I find the Sample Sale?

The link to the Sample Sale will be right up in our main menu!

All sales are final, and due to the sheer volume of orders, we cannot edit or cancel any order once it has been placed. A good idea to make sure that the shipping address on your account is up to date!

What colors/styles will be in the sale? 

One of the most exciting things about the Sample Sale is that it is not previewed (kind of like an egg hunt!). Our sale inventory is revealed when the shop opens at 10 am pacific time on Wednesday. We can say that all 3 carrier styles will be in the sale. 

One tip to finding what you are looking for is to use the search function on our website but you need to be careful! IF you use the search function, make sure that the product has SAMPLE in the title. All products in the Sample Sale will have the word SAMPLE in all caps in the title.

How will I know the details of the carrier? What color rings, length, etc.?

The title of each carrier will include all the details you need to know about the carrier.

Ring Slings: unless otherwise noted in the title of the product, all ring slings will be our standard 75" length and the rings on the ring slings will be Gold. We have had a few different gold ring colors, we cannot guarantee a certain gold (hooray for new custom rings arriving the end of this year!) 

I have a gift code, can I use it during the Sample Sale?

Yes! You are welcome to use your gift code during the sample sale. However, due to the volume of orders we cannot refund any unused/forgotten, etc. coupon codes after the order has been placed. 

Is this sale online only, how does this work?

Yes, the sale is online only. It is first come, first served and demand is high so be sure to create an account in advance and have your payment info handy. Please be aware that items placed in your cart are not “ yours” until you have fully checked out.

We will be shutting down the site before the launch to add inventory (a couple of hours before). We will turn the site back on once the sale is live at 10 am pacific time. Shop the Sample Sale here.

When will items from the sample sale begin shipping?

Unless otherwise noted, we ask that everyone allow two weeks for carriers to begin shipping due the sheer volume of orders all at once. Everything will be shipping right from our San Diego workshop.

Is there a link to the sale?

Yes. sakurabloom.com/collections/holiday-sample-sale-2019