FW20 Simple Silks are here!

FW20 Simple Silks are here! 

The first sling we ever made, and quite literally the only one you'll ever need. They're that good.

Perfect for the freshest of newborns, and rock solid enough for the chunkiest of toddlers, Simple Silk is incredibly lightweight, supportive and breathable. It's rock solid support, ability to dry quickly and low profile packability make it the perfect carrier for any adventure.

We love the natural variation and imperfection of the nubs and slubs in this hand spun yarn. Silk fibers are short which is what helps to make the silk so supportive and comfortable - giving the textile the tiniest amount of give but without any stretch, allowing the carrier to mold perfectly to your body and move with you and your baby as you go about your day.


Please welcome Black Fig, Russet, Northwest, Topaz, and Stone. All dropping in the shop Thursday, 10am PST. 


Enter to win a $300 Sakura Bloom gift code, and view the FW20 Simple Silk Lookbook here!


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