DIY Flower Crown

Esther Shokair is the woman behind Wallflower Inspiration - a San Diego based floral company. Full time florist & entrepreneur, as well as full time mother of two to Ben and Judah, Esther is a tour de force, back in her studio just a few weeks after little Judah was born. Happily sleeping in his sling, we got Esther to whisper us a DIY on how to bring the magic of flower crowns home. 

Esther: This cluster flower crown is so easy to make that your kids can make it too! It's great for sleep over parties, birthday parties, or just whenever you need a boost in spirits to have flowers in your hair! The best part, this crown will only take minutes to make!

The key to a great flower crown is your flower ingredients. Filler flowers such as wax flower or stronger stem flowers such a thistle or spray roses or mini carnations tend to be a lot easier to use!

 You need:

-floral scissors

-wire cutters

-floral wire

-thicker wire for your crown (I like to use the twine covered wire from Michael's)

-fun flowers of your choice

-fun ribbon to tie the crown together

-optional: floral tape if the floral wire is too difficult to use

Step 1:

Take the thicker twine wire that would be the base of your crown and measure that to your head. Then cut the wire and twist it into a loop to create a hole for your ribbon to go through.

Step 2:

Prep your flowers into small bunches.  I like to cut my flowers down to be about only an inch from the head of the flower. Also, prep a couple pieces of floral wire into 4 inch pieces.

Step 3

Then create a small cluster mini bouquet with your selected flowers and fasten it to your crown (either on the side or the front, depending on the look you are going for) with the floral wire by twisting the wire around the flowers and crown. 

Step 4

Take your ribbon and loop it through the holes you've created on your twine wired crown and tie it in a bow. And...VOILA!

Esther Shokair wears Judah in Birch and for any floral inquiries see her gorgeous work over at Wallflower Inspiration. Thanks Esther! xo

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