Crystal. Origin Vol. V

Beautiful textiles, commissioned by designer houses to be spun, dyed, and woven for their upcoming seasons. Destined to be worn, draped, loved. But these rolls never made it to the cutting table. They were over ordered and cast aside in the often shocking, little known reality of mass production. Salvaged deadstock cloth whose beauty deserves to be shared. 

This is the Sakura Bloom Origin Collection
A revolving collection of limited edition, fine, all-natural textiles sourced in our travels near and far. Given new life, these fibers will now know love, joy, and sweet snuggles rather than landfills. Cut, sewn, and crafted into carriers here in our San Diego workshop and then shipped to their forever homes around the globe.

Crystal. Origin Collection, Vol. 05
Two rolls of soft, crystal hued raw silk, woven with the utmost character and repurposed into 20 Onbuhimo and 36 Scouts, each lined in our signature Onyx linen and paired with our rich Black leather.⁠ ⁠⠀

Crystal lands in the shop on Friday December 20, 10am pacific time. 

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