Sakura Bloom City Guides: LISBON, Portugal

"Sakura Bloom City Guides: Insights, tips, and tricks for exploring the world with your little ones, one city at time."
We travel a lot with our families at Sakura Bloom, and we find that a little simple prep work and sharing little hacks with our friends can make all the difference. So we thought, lets start sharing...

Follow along as our friends, Jessie and Brian De Lowe, who along with their adorable daughter Amelie, take us with them on their European adventures - sharing their favorite family-friendly spots, places to stay, travel tips, delicious eateries, and more!

First on their list is the largest city in Portugal, Lisbon. Nestled on the Atlantic ocean on western cape of Europe, we can see why this stunning spot is known as a world-class metropolis, while also holding true to their quaint fishing village culture. It makes sense after all, it one of the oldest cities in the world. 

You live in Los Angeles, a flight to Portugal sounds like it would be pretty long, especially with a one year old! How did it go?

We travelled from LA to NY and stayed there for a few days to see family and friends before flying directly to Lisbon. This is perfect because it breaks up the trip and makes it way more tolerable!  

Where did you stay in Lisbon? Did you find it family friendly?

Martinhal is a hotel designed ESPECIALLY for families, with every detail planned with the needs of both kids and parents in mind. There is daycare on site, and although everything is set up for children, it is still designed beautifully for the parents to appreciate and enjoy.  It is literally a parent’s dream come true. 

Palacio Belmonte is a private guest palace with 11 luxury suites is the experience of a lifetime! Each room is unique and radiates 2,000 years of history and culture. The marble bathrooms are exquisite and no detail has been spared— the best part is that they don’t even mind that your kids are crawling around this incredible palace. The breakfast, which you can have served in your room or enjoy in any room of the palace that you choose, is absolutely wonderful.  

Was traveling abroad with a one year old easier or harder than you imagined? 

Traveling with a one year old was WAY more pleasant than I expected. I was nervous to be honest, but it was truly the perfect time to travel. It made a huge difference that we could carry her on our backs and explore the nooks and crannies of the city without needing a bulky stroller at all times.

We all know that good COFFEE is a must when traveling. Tell us your favorite places to find it in Lisbon!

Hello Kristof: This coffee shop is the type of place that we would go every day if we lived in Lisbon. They have oat milk! and gorgeous gluten free vegan treats, as well as a beautiful selection of art books and magazine.

Copenhagen Coffee: This coffee shop has many locations around the city. Perfect place to enjoy an iced coffee (which is surprisingly hard to come by in Portugal) and a laid back, bohemian vibe.

What was your favorite part of Lisbon?

My favorite part of Lisbon is the color palette - the city has the most beautiful pastel buildings sprinkled throughout, that look even that much more stunning in the magic hour light.

Finding places to eat in a new city with kids can be so hard. What were your favorite restaurants to in Lisbon?

Cevicheria: This restaurant, one of the most delicious and vibey spots in Lisbon, may not seem kid friendly, but it is. The servers are some of the friendliest we’ve ever encountered and will make you feel right at home. Pro tip: if you like sitting at the bar like we do, bring a portable high chair that attaches to any sized counter/table. They are small and easy to travel with and make your life a whole lot easier. 

Ramiro: This place is an institution! It is perfect for families, because if you show up for an early dinner you will dodge the tremendous line that happens every night. It’s all about the seafood here- order garlic prawns, and end with a steak sandwich for dessert :) 

Comoba: Light, bright, happy and healthy, this place is a little slice of California in Lisbon. Enjoy a breakfast burrito, a pink latte made with beetroot, and tons of other deliciousness.

If you could give just one piece of advice to a family with little ones traveling abroad, what would it be? 

Pack light!! Our trip was so enjoyable because we weren’t bogged down with tons of luggage. In fact, we only brought carry on and it is the way to go! Use your stroller to carry anything that doesn’t fit and then gate check it in a stroller bag so you can walk through airports comfortably.

Jessie, Brian, and Amelie traveled Europe with our Basics Collection Onbuhimo in Bare + Leather. Brandy + Leather or Salt + Leather are our new blush/ pinks for Spring 2019.