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Care Instructions | Silk Ring Sling

November 15, 2018

Get a little something on your sling? Patting it gently with a cold, damp washcloth should do the trick for a quick on the spot cleaning. 

Need a deeper clean? Here's how to do it!*

  1. Unthread your sling.
  2. Fill a basin with cold water and add little liquid detergent. You want something free of optical brighteners and enzymes, we love Soak.
  3. Gently swish your sling around for 1 minute. It may lose some dye, that is ok.
  4. Remove sling and empty the water.
  5. Fill the basin again with cool water, this time adding 1/4 c vinegar.
  6. Add sling and gently swish around for 1 minute.
  7. Remove the sling from the water and gently roll into a towel to remove excess water. 
  8. Hang the sling to dry inside, and out of any direct sunlight. Silk can shrink a bit in the wash, pull on the sling gently to regain some length.
  9. While the sling is still slightly damp (dry is ok, too), steam iron on the hottest setting while gently pulling the sling back into shape.

*Washing our Simple Silk gives the silk a more matte appearance which most of our customers love, to preserve the original sheen of your silk sling, we recommend a combination of spot cleaning and environmentally-friendly dry cleaning. 

**Keep in mind that all of our slings are lovingly crafted from all-natural textiles, so just like a pair of black jeans or a colored t-shirt, each time you wash your sling, it may lose a bit of color.