Blackout Friday + Gold Weekend

Friday through Monday we're bringing a little boldness and a lot of sparkle to your Sakura Bloom holiday weekend!

Here's everything you need to know about our Blackout + Gold Weekend!


  • Blackout Customs - One Day Only.
  • Bold. Minimalist. Strong. Striking matte black rings and custom blacked-out tags. Blackout your Sakura Bloom ring sling, with one twist, choose from more than just black. Hello, Sequoia Blackout! 
Blackout, in the shop Friday November 23 at 12am pacific time (that's midnight!). 


  • Each day, Friday-Monday a new free domestic shipping code will be revealed in our community group, Unthreaded. If you're not a member yet, join here!


  • Each and every order (over $75) placed Friday-Monday will receive a Golden Ticket in their box! Golden tickets are gift cards, and every one is a winner.* 
In total there will be...
    1 $500 golden ticket
    5 $200 golden tickets
    10 $100 golden tickets
    20 $50 golden tickets
    Unlimited $25 golden tickets
    Our flagship studio will also be giving out golden tickets to any in-store purchases over $75 on Friday November 23rd, Saturday November 24th, and Monday November 26th.
      What is our Blackout Collection?

      Back in 2015 we created our limited edition Blackout Collection, view the lookbook here. Cut to 2018 and even three years later the requests to bring back Blackout haven't slowed down one bit. So this year we had an idea... Blackout Friday. So, here we go!

      One Day Only.


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