Basics Spring 2019, Drop II

Basic, but better.

Don't be fooled by the name, our Basics Collection of Ring Slings, Onbuhimo + Scout have been thoughtfully designed every step of the way. Curious of how our ideas + concepts ultimately become your carrier? Read on!


Step #1: Color, color, color! 

Every shade in our Basics Collection (except Flax, that is a natural un-dyed linen) has been chosen by us after months of perfecting the perfect hue that will last beyond the seasons trends. Best part? Naming obviously! Let's say we read a lot about the flora, fauna, and land terrain these shades remind us of.

Some of our favorite color names: Aspen, Clove, Rosé, Sonnet, Moondance, Tulum

Step #2: Tumbled-dry perfection

Our linens are all pre-washed and tumbled dry right here in California. That means no "breaking in" required and what you get out of the box is as cozy soft as it would be right out of the dryer. You have enough on your plate already!

Step #3: From our hands to yours

We take those freshly dyed + tumbled dry textiles, and cut and sew each piece by hand in our Oceanside, CA workshop. Our workshop is also where our design office is, which means we all work together under one roof (with the exception of our retail stores!) From the marketing team in one room, to the cutting + sewing tables in the next, quality control + shipping, our hands all touch the carrier you receive. We like to think that gives every Sakura Bloom a little extra love to keep your little ones safe, happy, and cozy. 



1. View our Basics Lookbook below, and then be sure to enter to win a $200 Sakura Bloom gift card at the bottom (you might need to zoom out and scroll over to the right to see the form. Google is so fun. Ha!)

2. Our Basics, Drop II in the shop Monday, at 10am pst. Shop Basics

3. Want to shop the drop early? We will be giving members of our Unthreaded group over on Facebook 5 minutes to shop the drop early. Join Unthreaded here.