6 Tips for Babywearing in Winter Weather

December 14, 2017

We look forward to the days when our typical sunny and warm San Diego weather turns a bit chilly and we get to break out our scarves and boots and pretend we have seasons here. For those of you living in a true winter wonderland or considering babywearing in colder temps here are some tips from Sakura Bloom:

1. Consider where you are going, how long you will be there, and if you think baby will take a nap on you, or be up and down in the carrier.

2. Always check in on baby frequently. Their airway should always be clear and visible. Coats, ponchos, scarves and other articles can shift when wearing a baby or putting a carrier on.

3. Keep in mind you and baby help keep each other warm, and you don’t want to overdress.

4. Layers! We find that layers are the easiest way to stay warm, and be able to adjust your temp and comfort. Some of our favorites include layering a sweater and coat, especially if you have any larger maternity ones laying around, the extra room comes in handy. Scarves, hats/beanies, and leg warmers and mittens for baby are great too!

5. Wool and natural fibers can be great options when selecting your outerwear. Fabrics that are puffy, slippery, etc may require additional consideration.

6. When positioning baby, your center of gravity can be affected. Be aware of their weight shifting when walking on icy sidewalks, etc.

This is the perfect time of year to snuggle your little ones and keep them close. Enjoy your winter babywearing!

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