5 Reasons a Sling Will Keep You Sane This Holiday

We're not kidding around here, we've dedicated our lives to ring slings for a reason: They are lifesavers. What better time of year than the holidays to put us to the test? You know that time of the year when you find out your husband invited over 10 friends for an "intimate" gathering? Well at least with your babe sleeping peacefully at your heart, you've got yourself two hands free to throw errands at him while getting things done. Here are our top 5 reasons why a sling will make merry this season:

1. Routine - Babywearing will help you and your baby stick to the routine you have at home, no matter where your holiday outings take you. Parties, shopping, or carolling, you are able to feed your baby, then pop into the sling so he or she can nap or rest!

2. Germs - Holidays mean this might be the first time family or friends meets your baby which means you know what - lots of kisses and grabbing from all angles. But what if Grandma or your uncle just got over the flu? Well, with your cute babe snug in your sling, who would want to disturb them from their comfy little seat? Now you've prevented germs from coming close and auntie Meryl's red lipstick all over your little! Win win.

3. An Extra Hand - Between helping friends or family set up, getting drinks for your guests, or opening gifts, an extra hand is never a bad thing! Keeping your hands free with your babe in the sling is a total game changer, no matter the season. Bonus point ** All photos taken of you automatically have the cutest photo-bomber of all time.

4. Feeds - Feeding on the go is a breeze when you are wearing your baby! Whether you bottle or breastfeed, wearing your baby is an easy escape to “take the baby out” so you can feed in peace.

5. Warmth - Who doesn’t want a built in heater!? Wearing your baby is a guaranteed way to stay cozy!