10 Days of Spring Sparkle

A little thank you, from us to you... ⠀

10 Days Of Spring Sparkle! 🌱✨⠀

Over the next 10 days, we will be sprinkling Golden Tickets and extra carriers into random orders! 🎉

Specifically, each day:⠀

🌺 1 random order will be fully refunded (announced the following day in stories!)⠀⠀
🌺 1 random order will receive an “extra” Sakura Bloom carrier in their box (this is a mystery, it could be ANYTHING 🥳)⠀⠀
🌺 Each and every order over $75 will receive a Golden Ticket in their box. (Gift cards ranging from $25 - $500!)*✨

Plus! Play along with us each day as we work to spread some holiday sparkle up in our Instagram stories, too! 

Cheers to a season filled with love and joy! 🥂💖⠀

*purchase must include a shippable item, gift cards are not shippable on their own. You could purchase a gift card + a candle for instance.